Valonmano con V: How was the 10th edition HTC Campus?

Mirko: I found that the 10th edition of the HTC camp was really great. It is currently the top camp I’ve ever visited for handball or that anyone else in Canada has.

VconV: What do you like the HTC?

Mirko: What’s different at the HTC camp is that they have trainings for the specific position that you play. I haven’t seen these at other camps as they were only general camps elsewhere. Also the coaches try to tell each player what they have to improve individually.

VconV: What memories do you have?

Mirko: Something that I’ll never forget is when we stayed late at night at the gym and kept on playing games. I remember we arrived back at the dormitory and it was 3 am, something never seen in Canada haha.

VconV: Why would you recommend you go to HTC? 

Mirko: I really learned a lot of stuff during the camp in general and some things specifically for my position. I also learned that you always have to give your best and never give up.

VconV: Did you learn a lot? Do you improve much in your game?

Mirko: I would definitely recommend this camp for my friends and teammates because you can really learn a lot of things that they don’t even teach us in team Canada and the staff are really nice people and always try to help you.

VconV: What is the best of HTC Campus? Have you made many friendships that still exist?

Mirko: The best thing at HTC campus is really everything. It is really well organized, the coaches are really high level and teach you a lot of stuff, the staff are really friendly and the others players are at a good level.  I still have 3 friends that I talk to when I have some free time. Two of them from Spain and another one from Norway. From Spain there’s the goalie that played with me named Mark and there’s the girl Laura. And from Norway there is Maria.

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